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What is the Counterpart API?
What is the quote expiration date?
How do I join Counterpart’s API community?
Is Counterpart's appetite via the API the same as working directly with one of your underwriters via manual submission?
What is the difference between endorsements and general endorsements?
What are the Risk Mitigation questions?
How does our user contact a Counterpart underwriter in case of declination or error or questions? Is there a specific underwriter exposed via API or a general inbox?
If a user submits an application, and then realizes that one of their responses for the application was incorrect. How can they correct/edit their response?
Can the application be edited once submitted for quote?
If an application is declined, is it a hard decline?
If a quote requires underwriting review, once cleared, will an underwriter be required to bind?
Are expiring declarations and loss runs required to bind?
Are there any parameters that will instantly knockout a risk from consideration?
What is the list of all potential error texts that generate within the API?
If our UI provides access to multiple brokerages, is the webhook URL set individually for each brokerage, or will all brokerages on our UI utilize the same webhook URL?
Can pricing, limits, etc. change when you clear subjectivities to issue a bindable quote?
How do we receive the signable application for the user to complete?
If we want to display multiple limit and retention options on our UI, is it possible to retrieve multiple limits via a single API request?
What are the different types of questions we submit within each API call?
How long does it take to integrate with the API?
If subjectivities are required, where can they be submitted?
How many questions are required for quote generation?
Are we able to group application questions by section?
What documents are returned when an account is bound?
Will selecting different limit and retention options impact subjectivities required to bind a policy?
How does the user specify the desired limits on a quote submission?
Is a PDF of the quote available in the API?
Is there a sandbox URL that we can utilize for testing/development?
Do quotes expire?
What are subjectivities?
How long does an automatic (non-underwriter) quote response take?
How long does an underwriter review take?
How quickly will I receive a quote through Counterpart’s API?
Does the Counterpart API offer admitted coverage?
What coverage is offered through Counterpart’s API?