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Counterpart was founded in 2019 on a fundamental principle - insurance companies should do more than just transfer risks, they have an opportunity to help insureds mitigate these exposures. By doing so, the businesses naturally become better insured, creating a virtuous cycle that benefits all stakeholders. As business experienced entrepreneurs ourselves, we sought to apply this same philosophy to a vector of risk with which we are innately familiar, and one which has become more critical than ever in a post COVID world... Management Liability.

Even before COVID, small to medium sized private companies were struggling more than ever to keep up with the expectations and demands of their stakeholders, including customers, investors, regulators, and employees. Management liability has traditionally helped to hedge these exposures but the insurance has not kept up with the needs of 21st century businesses. Despite all of the advancements in our technology and data science, very little has changed with this product line in the last 20 years from the applications, to the coverages, to the claims management process.

Counterpart is a globally distributed team with deep expertise in insurance, data, technology. Our decades of experience building and insuring companies have helped us design a platform that offers the comprehensive coverages, underwriting transparency, risk mitigation tools, and support that brokers and insureds deserve.

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